Noise Problems

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Noise wall that lessen noise and look lovely

For many developers, concrete sound barriers and noise wall is a required part of their land development plan according to Ministry of Environmental Noise level guidelines. 
Other than cost, one of the main challenges has been aesthetics; lessening noise to acceptable decibels has rarely taken beauty into consideration. 

 Thereby, beautiful subdivisions with beautiful homes and lovely industrial and commercial properties have been built, surrounded by unsightly, towering walls. 

Nonetheless, new creativity in acoustic window inserts has imparted developers precisely what they have been looking for, the ability to lessen the noise pollution of owners with a wall that is also an enticing addition to the overall value of the property. 

Noise reduction wall panels 

Sound engineers argue that noise transfer through any void the same as water can. For noise reduction wall panels to be effective, all cracks, joints and voids should be sealed to efficiently lessen the noise transfer. 

As sound levels are measured using a logarithmic scale, reduction of nine decibels is equal to eradication of almost 80% of the undesired sound. 

•    Reflective: Sturdy surfaces like concrete or masonry are considered to be reflective. 

•    Absorptive: A sound lessening noise wall with a sound muffling content and porous surface material is said to be absorptive. This implies little or zero noise is reflected back towards the source. 

Double wall with air gap

Constructing a double leaf door  with an air gap in between is one of the most efficient ways to soundproof a wall.

Use soundproof material that is particularly designed to block sound. In between the studs, you will want to add extra insulation. The best soundproofing insulation for insider the studs relies on different aspects, including your budget, particular requirements, and the current structure of your walls. It has better sound absorbing attributes and higher mass than regular drywall.

Noise Problems10 July 2024