How to determine if noise dampening curtains are the best product for you

Noise dampening curtains are becoming a highly popular option, but are they the best option for you?

If you have not considered   noise dampening curtains before, there are a few things you should know before buying. We are growing to break down the way they work.

No matter by what name you address these curtains, these curtains are made of heavy, dense materials such as suede, velvet or polyester that you hang above the window frame. They generally come with a porous surface that enables them to absorb the sound waves to make a room serene.

 A top quality and highly effective sound curtain or a sound dampening blanket will be tightly woven, heavy, and run from ceiling to floor with various inches of fabric going past each side of the window. Nonetheless, although several manufacturers promote curtains as soundproof, they are generally ineffective. 

Every type of window inserts lessens noise by 50% for single pane windows and our acoustic quality does a better job, lessening noise by 78%.

Window inserts are very simple to install and remove, with zero damage to your window frames. They not only block external noise but also prevent internal noise from annoying your neighbors. 

And you don’t have to sacrifice natural light to reduce noise in a room. Nonetheless, if you want both reduced light and sound reduction, you can select acoustic panels rather, that block all the light and provide the best soundproofing.
The best thing about this when it comes to how to quiet a noisy air return?   Although soundproof curtains might be less costly and simple, they offer minimal performance and cut away all the natural light while the soundproofing is happening. If you want top quality soundproofing without compromising with natural light, you want window inserts.

Noise Problems7 June 2024