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The noise-reducing lid of Bottle Accumulation System Turn Table

Build ideal in a clean and pure environment, the rotary Bottle Accumulation System Turn Table, furthermore called a buffer turntable, rotary table, or accumulation turntable is excellent for use in the pharmaceutical industry for high-speed and high-volume accumulating and unscrambling of vials. The buffer turntable types vials from bulk to inline handling without instability or vial damage before assessment or packaging.

As with all of Visuro equipment for pharmaceutical equipment, the rotary tables:
•    meet the increased hygienic standards
•    meet all norms for a cleanroom environment
•    are supplied with finished pharmaceutical documentation
•    work at a very high level of precision

Turntable with buffer ability and noise-reducing lid

Visuro turntable can buffer vials and comes with a noise-reducing and transparent lid, which makes it feasible to have a full synopsis of the procedure while furthermore relishing the highly decreased noise level. The lid is simple to use as it has two door openings for easy access and cleaning while furthermore creating a buffer for noise reduction, making this Bottle Accumulation System Turn Table a cut above the rest.
Besides its noise-reducing function, the lid also provides a clean environment – both outside and inside the rotary turntable. Your vials will be defended from outside contamination as well as you bypass dust and particles from glass bottles in your production site. Furthermore, the lid destroys work-related harms such as clamping.

High-speed and high-volume unscrambling of vials

The automated expansion turntable can be equipped with adjustable velocity control and works at high speed with a capacity of up to 36,000 vials/hour. It accumulates and unscrambles vials actually without damage or instabilities.

The Visuro Bottle Accumulation System Turn Table can effortlessly be combined into an existing system, but we are furthermore able to deliver a total product addressing solution for your end-of-line handling of vials.

The Visuro accumulation table comes with a transparent noise-reducing lid, which furthermore provides a clean environment and safety in terms of staving off work-related injuries.


Visuro usa10 March 2023