You’ve Lost Your Vehicle Keys – Now What?

Vehicle keys are one of the most common items people lose.  One in four people admit to losing them at least once a week.   Fortunately, most find them.  But, what if you can’t find them.  What do you do?

Most importantly, stay calm.  Then, retrace your steps.  That may sound a bit too obvious, however, it might work.  If that fails, still try to remain calm.  While frustrating and overwhelming, you can solve this problem.  A trained, licensed, and experienced locksmith can help you.  And, quickly.  

First, you’ll need to know what kind of key your vehicle requires.  

Common Vehicle Keys

These are the most common vehicle keys:

•    Traditional:  as the name implies, this is the standard type of key – the kind you simply insert into the ignition and turn to start the vehicle.  

•    Key Fob with Switchblade Key:  this key contains both a remote part, which allows access to doors and trunks and activates the alarm, and a switchblade part, which goes into the ignition and starts the vehicle.  The switchblade folds.  

•    Transponder Key:  these look like key fobs.  They have a remote part, which allows access to doors and trunks and activates the alarm, and also has a key part, which goes into the ignition and starts the vehicle.   But, the transponder key uses a microchip to function and the key part does not fold.  

•    Smart Key:  vehicles that utilize these keys are actually “keyless.”  As long as the driver possesses the smart key, they can open the vehicle’s doors and trunk and start the ignition.  

How Does a Locksmith Replace a Lost Key?

A trained, licensed, and experienced locksmith uses your vehicle’s (Vehicle Identification Number) VIN code to make you a new key.  

Many online articles and blogs state that only a dealer can replace key fobs, transponder, and smart keys.  Such is not true – many trained, licensed, experienced locksmiths can replace such keys.  Furthermore, a locksmith can respond quickly and save you time and money.   

Contacting a dealer to replace your vehicle’s keys might require towing, extra expenses, and longer wait times.  

ACR Master Locksmith

A licensed Charlotte locksmith maintains and manages ACR Master Locksmith (ACR).  
Centered in Charlotte NC, it offers commercial locksmith and residential locksmith services to the area.  

ACR’s locksmiths are trained and experienced in transponder, key fob, transponder, and smart key reprogramming and replacement.  Its experienced and licensed locksmiths use the latest and most advanced  technology to guarantee speed, quality, and client satisfaction.  

ACR’s Car Locksmith Charlotte NC offers 24/7 availability, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.  With more than ten years of experience, its trained, experienced, and licensed locksmiths offer services within thirty minutes and solve your problem quickly.  

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ACR Master Locksmith2 February 2023