Holiday Home Security Tips

You never stop worrying about security.  It’s second nature.  The holidays, however, sometimes compromise your usual protection measures.  

Here are some tips to make sure you and your home remain secure during the upcoming holidays:  

•    Gifts and Shopping: shopping contents (i.e. anticipated valuables) draw criminal attention.  Store bags in your vehicle’s trunk, away from potential thieves.  When you arrive home, back into your driveway so others do not see what you bring inside.   Be cautious with deliveries – try to limit how long packages linger outside.  And, be careful how empty boxes appear in your trash – don’t let others know what treasures you have inside.  Fold/invert packaging.  

•    Traveling:  if you leave home, don’t make it obvious.  Keep curtains closed, use an automatic timer to put on lights or the television for a few hours, and don’t let unattended mail pile up.  Avoid text and voice mail messages that reveal your whereabouts.

•    Social Media Posts:  use discretion while posting about travel and gifts on social media.  Such can attract thieves and let them know your home is unattended.  

•    Holiday Décor:  avoid stringing decorative lights through windows or doors.  Burglars can easily make their way through even a tiny opening.  

•    Personal Effects:  shopping districts and festive areas draw happy crowds, as well as crooks.  Keep bags and wallets close to you and continually in your sight.    

As always, as should be your standard routine, continue checking your doors and windows and make sure they are in proper working order.  Keep garage and doors locked and all outdoor valuables, such as bicycles and lawn equipment, inside.  

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ACR Master Locksmith24 November 2022