Register Your Ship in the British Virgin Island

International shipping laws require every shipping vessel to select a country with which to register.  It provides a ship a nationality and allows it to travel globally.  The country to which a ship is registered is the ship’s “flag state.”  A ship’s flag state maintains legal jurisdiction over the ship - it conducts inspections, is responsible for crew and working conditions, maintains sailing safety, and regulates its rules.  It is, therefore, important for shipping vessels to select an advantageous flag state.  

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the ideal flag ship country.  It allows ships of unlimited size and tonnage to register and offers many benefits other countries do not provide.  

British Virgin Shipping Registry

The British Virgin Islands Shipping Registry (VISR) retains authority over all BVI maritime shipping laws.  It is part of the Red Ensign Group, an influential group of flags carrying a reputation of high standards .  Any ship registered in the BVI is a British ship and, as such, is entitled to British Diplomatic/Consular support and Royal Navy protection.  Other reasons to register your ship with VISR include:  

•    Worldwide recognition and acceptance of registration certificates.
•    Straightforward and secure processes, including registration.
•    Low-cost registration and yearly maintenance fees.
•    Jurisdiction stability.
•    Tax neutrality in a major commercial complex with financial experts.
•    A completely automated fleet management system and database.   
•    A major Caribbean yachting center with three ports:  Gorda Sound, Road Harbor, and White Bay (such makes registration in BVI more appealing to global ship owners and ships with identical names can also be registered)

British Virgin Island Ship Registration Process
BVI has a Ship Registration Process, the steps of which include:

•    Request Name Approval
•    Submit an Application for Registration
•    Payment of Fees
•    Arrange for Survey and Inspection
•    Present a Valid Certificate of Incorporation (if owned by a company)
•    Submit acceptable Proof of Ownership
•    Appoint a BVI Resident Representative

•    Submission of Required Documents
•    Carving and Marking Notes (which the VISR issue (which the VISR issues when it confirms the ship is eligible for registration)
•    Obtain Certificate of Registry

CCP Financial Consultants Limited

CCP Financial Consultants Limited is a BVI based, multidisciplinary financial solutions firm dedicated to providing premium financial solutions, company formation in BVI, and BVI offshore company services to clients around the world.

It is ready to assist with registering ships in BVI in conjunction with the use of a BVI business company .  Standard due diligence procedures apply if a pre-existing relationship with CCP does not already exist.  

Please visit the website for more details on ship registration and its full range of services and, if required, you can schedule a consultation for more information.