Dermaplaning is Great, But Don’t Do it Yourself

Dermaplaning is popular service that’s trending lately in Australia, due to the increase in beauty blogger and video popularity.  These fabulous at-home and celebrity enthusiasts provide a much needed purpose, but be careful with ‘at-home’ procedures, especially ones that involves sharp razors.   

What is Dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning, as implied, is a procedure in which an individual uses a sharp razor to scrape the skin surface.  This removes dead skin surface cells and facial hairs and leaves the skin fresh and glowing.  It can also assist in the stimulation of collagen, which plumps skin and helps smooth wrinkles and rough skin.  Many like undergoing dermaplaning before a special event as their makeup then goes on silky smooth and look super amazing.   
A surgical level razor or equivalent is used in dermaplaning.  An educated, experienced, certified Skincare Professional is, thus, the only individual who should carry out such a treatment.   Such an individual is the only person who should be applying such a sharp instrument to anyone’s face.  It’s really that simple.  
As some social media sites suggest, dermaplaning does not involve shaving the face with the kind of razor a man would use to shave his beard.  The blades involved in dermaplaning are unique.  Simple shaving will not safely remove skin surface cells and could irritate a woman’s skin and cause ingrown hairs.  

There are also dermaplaning devices available for at-home use.  There are also a host of videos and online articles that offer instruction on how to use these gadgets.  As mentioned, dermaplaning blades are extremely sharp.  And, many more sites warn that if you’re not extremely careful, do not properly prep your skin, and don’t do the procedure absolutely perfectly, you could:

•    Severely cut yourself.
•    Leave multiple scratches on your face.
•    Develop a skin infection.
•    Breakout into acne, rashes, or other skin irritations.
•    Improperly remove your facial hair.

So, again, dermaplaning is best performed by professionals.  

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evolve cosmetic13 March 2023